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Welcome back, my lovely friend! Today’s share is one very close to my heart – it’s the beautiful plant-based fragrance especially for mothers – it’s Nurture by Abel Odor!

I’m so excited to share it with you, because this 100% natural fragrance makes the perfect choice for all mothers, and especially expecting ladies and mothers of young babies and children.

Soft, cocooning, grounding, nurturing ~ like a hug from my own mum and the thoughts of the love between me and my little one.

As a pregnant lady (38 weeks and counting!), the last thing I want is a heavy fragrance. This is also true while breastfeeding.

Nurture is everything I could want from a fragrance. It’s light, yet it has longevity. Nurture is a fragrance that sits very comfortably without overloading my senses or overpowering my ability to take in other scents in my environment – such as my gorgeous children!

Top notes of fleur l’orange, Bulgarian rose, and lentisque. A heart of jasmine and ginger, and base notes of East Indian sandalwood.

New motherhood can be a time of uncertainty, and I find the base elements of Nurture by Abel Odor are grounding, while the orange is cheerful and bright, reminding me to be lighthearted. The sandalwood adds an exotic complexity that completes the profile.

I am sure that wearing Nurture during the early days with my new baby, due in the middle of October, will help to comfort and ground me.

Let’s learn a little more detail about Nurture.

Nurture by Abel Odor

Created by mothers for mothers, Nurture is a collaboration between Abel Odor and the organic children’s clothing brand, Gray Label, and created by mother and nose Fanny Grau and Isaac Sinclair.

Nurture by Abel Odor is soft, comforting, and grounding

I love that 1% from sales of Nurture go to supporting African based nonprofit Solar Sister.

Is Nurture suitable during pregnancy?

Nurture is absolutely suitable for use during pregnancy. Nurture was created while the fragrance designer Fanny Grau was pregnant herself, so it was important for Abel to use the most sensitive, natural ingredients they could find. Of course a patch test is recommended and do check the individual ingredients in case of any sensitivities. I’m listing them below.

So let’s learn a bit more about the ingredients.

Nurture Ingredients

All of the ingredients in Nurture are derived from natural sources. Abel Odor guarantee fair trade and sustainable farming practices, which is reassuring.

It’s so interesting to learn what natural components go into making such a complex natural fragrance. Here are the ingredients, shared from the Nurture product page on

  • Lentisque absolute – Morocco
  • Bergamot oil (bergapten free) – Italy
  • Lemon oil (bergapten free) – Italy
  • Mandarin oil – Italy
  • Ginger extract – Nigeria
  • Rose oil – Bulgaria
  • Orange flower abstract – Tunisia
  • Jasmin sambac absolute – India
  • Orris concrete – France
  • Cedarwood oil – USA
  • Copaiba balsam oil – Brazil
  • Amyris oil – Haiti
  • Sandalwood oil – East India & Sri Lanka
  • Ambroxide – naturally derived ambergris note – China
  • Ambrettolide – naturally derived musk note – India
  • Non-denatured food grade grain alcohol – Italy

INCI (potential allergens) including limonene, linalool, geraniol, citral, citronellol, farnesol, benzyl alcohol, isoeugenol, eugenol, benzyl benzoate

Buy Abel Nurture

Buy a sample in the UK

Samples of Nurture aren’t available to buy directly from Abel in the UK. Try Ecocentric who will ship to the UK for £5.91.

Sample of Nurture by Abel Odor

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Outside of the UK, get your sample from Abel Odor.

Or buy full size with confidence.

Nurture by Abel Odor

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Final thoughts on Nurture by Abel Odor

It’s safe to say that Nurture by Abel Odor is my new favourite fragrance. It’s such a nurturing scent to wear as a mother and while pregnant, and I love the all natural plant-based ingredients and social responsibility of Abel Odor.

Learn more about Nurture by Abel Odor at or at their Instagram @abelodor.

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  1. OMG I love this. I still clearly remember my mom smell when I was younger so I bet your kids will associate this with you too and it’s nice that it’s not too heavy

  2. Sounds like really good product! the packaging is so clean and simple

  3. I cannot wait to smell this. Perfume scents are not something I thought about when pregnant or breastfeeding but it makes so much sense to need something lighter for your baby! So wonderful

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