Hi there, dear friend! Back in December, I was delighted to be interviewed by the lovely Natalie Elliott for The Natural Beauty Show on UK Health Radio – talking safe baby skincare.

During the show we talked about safe baby skincare, mothering during the pandemic, and what ingredients to avoid in baby skincare.

I was so honoured to be included amongst the other guests, including Baby Centre and Scentered. A true pinch me moment!

Natalie is the founder of Sakrid, a wonderful clean beauty brand you’ve maybe met already. Her love of clean formulas for all, her radio show discussing clean beauty issues, and her dedication to safer skincare, makes a real hero to me!

Natalie and I plan to explore a mummy and baby product in collaboration, and I’ll keep you informed on this exciting development. It’s so refreshing to find female founders bringing on board real mums to help research their products.

I’m so keen to explore a mummy/baby product with Helen on board. Helen’s knowledge and understanding of what is important to parents when considering beauty products is so valuable to us all.

Natalie went on to say:

This is the real understanding that the beauty industry needs to produce products that are way more in tune with what we all want and need for better health and well-being!

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

Listen now

Listen now on UK Health Radio

Final thoughts on talking safe baby skincare

I hope you enjoyed hearing me talk safe baby skincare? Although I’m not an eloquent speaker, talking to Natalie really boosted my confidence and helped me to remember why I started my blog – to help parents and their little ones find healthy ways to feel good together!

You can learn more about The Natural Beauty Show at @thenaturalbeautyshow. Discover clean skincare at Natalie’s brand Sakrid and my reviews of Sakrid beauty products, or on Instagram @wearesakrid. And find out about UK Health Radio, @ukhealthradio.

Does your baby have a skincare routine? Are there any ingredients that you avoid in your baby’s skincare? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments.

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Talk to you soon.



  1. This is a very helpful post. Babies have sensitive skin and it’s important to stay informed on the best products to use.

  2. Amber Myers Reply

    I have teens, so it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby. I remember rubbing their skin with lotion to keep it soft!

  3. Momma To Go Reply

    I didn’t use alot of product on my munchkins, I used to love the Mustela products!

  4. As a mom myself I always choose natural products from trusted brands. There are a lot of new products coming out in the market but I dont want to just try them with my baby.

  5. This is great and so informative especially for new moms during a pandemic.

  6. Clean skincare is the best skincare for babies! It’s always good to know what is safe and what isn’t for baby.

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