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Whether you’ve known the recipient your whole life or just a few short months, gift shopping can always be a tricky process. You don’t want to go out on a limb and get them something they don’t like, but also don’t know exactly what it is that they do like.

With Christmas fast approaching, you’ll likely know this feeling all too well. To help you out, we decided to put together a short list of four great gifts that always go down well.

1. A scented candle

First on our list is a classic gift idea that will light up any lucky recipient’s face. Often something that people wouldn’t buy for themselves, scented candles can really make a space feel special. Whether in a bathroom or bedroom, the soft flickering light of the flame combined with the subtle aromas is always a treat.

Obviously, not all scented candles are equal, and if you want to get the right one, Oud candles have a great selection of candles made from a combination of natural wax with subtle yet powerful aromas, with a wide range of options from Rose to Tobacco.

2. Skincare products

Getting someone a skincare product is a way of showing them that you care, while at the same time helping them to care for themselves. What gift would be appropriate depends on the person, of course – you want to get them something they wouldn’t buy for their self.

Think about their lifestyle, and what would be most suitable for their needs. Do they commute every day? If so, maybe a face cream to protect their skin from the elements. Are their hands always a bit battered? Then maybe get them a moisturising hand cream.

3. Jewellery

Another great gift idea is to get someone a piece of custom-made jewellery. If you have a local silversmith, it’s definitely worth reaching out to them and finding out what their rates are. Silver jewellery is often less expensive than you’d think, but always has that quality feel to it.

If the person you’re gifting the jewellery to works with their hands a lot, be careful about giving them a ring. If you do find a ring that you absolutely think would suit them down to a T, then you might be best giving it to them with a thin leather or silver necklace, so they can still wear it whilst working.

4. Plants

While they’ve been a classic for decades, giving plants as gifts is definitely coming back into style. An increasing number of studies are showing the multiple benefits of spending time in natural environments, and in addition to that, plants can really provide something special to the aesthetic of a room.

Make sure that you pick something suitable – if they have a small space, a small plant. If they have a pet, then an option that’s safe for animals to be around.

5. Name a star

A celestial gift for the biggest star in your life, what gift could be loftier than naming a star after your loved one? We love Starregister because all named stars registered are visible from the UK. Also, they’re the only recognised star register and all stars are recorded and stored forever for all to search and see!

Ultimately, as long as you put thought into what you get for your friend or family member, you’re bound to choose something that goes down well. The options listed above should provide a good place to get started.

We hope you enjoyed this article about 4 Great Gifts. And be sure to check out our Christmas posts for more gifting inspiration.

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