Welcome back, my dear! I’m so excited to tell you about the family skincare for winter I picked up a few weeks ago.

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At 3 months postpartum, and with the delicate skin of 3 little ones to care for, I’m always on the lookout for clean and kind skincare that can be shared between us all.

And especially so in the colder months, when it’s all the more important to care for our skin and protect it from the cold and the wind.

And by the way, if you’re interested in learning about winter skincare for your family or how to protect your baby’s skin in winter, do take a look at my winter skin care guides.

Today, I’m sharing my views on the comprehensive Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Kit, fragrant Skinlove Baby Gelified Rescue Oil, healing Silvan Skincare Mama’s Balm, beautiful Alteya Calming Aromatic Mist, and Good Bubble Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser.

Treasure basket

Cara, Lydia, and I had so much fun trying out all this skincare. So let’s take a look.

Family skincare for winter

Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Kit

This gorgeous starter box contains everything that a mum and baby need from 4 weeks old. It’s natural, simple, and gentle on the whole family. Yet everything works well to get you all better skin.

Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Kit in the box

It contains the gorgeous Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm, Zinc & Calendula Cream, and Calendula & Marshmallow Balm plus a flannel to use with the Beauty Balm. This waterless skincare has so very many uses, you’ll reach for it over again.

The Beauty Balm is foremost a cleanser, however I also use mine sparingly as a pampering moisturiser. I took it in my hospital bag to save taking multiple products. It’s a real treasure and smells divine!

Individual items from Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Kit

The Zinc and Calendula Cream is a lifesaver for staving off nappy and dribble rash – use it any place on your baby that needs to be kept dry. It’s such an effective barrier against moisture.

I also use it occasionally as an SOS balm for winter to protect against cold, wind, and moisture. The zinc oxide in the cream is calming and protective.

Textures of all three items in the Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Kit

The Calendula and Marshmallow Balm is a nourishing treat that you can use anywhere to bring comfort and moisture. It’s great as a nipple and stretch mark balm or to treat dry and rough patches on mum, baby (4 weeks+), and children. I use it on Lydia’s eczema and cradle cap, too.

Cara trying Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Kit

The little pots are so much fun to try. With clean hands, this what skincare is about – sensations, feelings, and experiencing texture and fragrance.

The Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Set would make such a good investment as a new or expectant parent.

Lyonsleaf Mum & Baby Skincare Survival Kit

Buy Now – £26.99 at Amazon

Silvan Skincare Mama’s Balm

I’ll always remember the lovely compliments I got on my bump when I was pregnant with Lydia! And I chose this balm hoping it would help me to stay in love with my now wobbly postpartum belly!

Silvan Skincare Mama's Balm

While it’s intended for mamas – helping to heal nipples and stretch marks, it’s also very suitable for your baby too. Apply just a little to act as a mild barrier and protect your baby’s bottom.

With shea butter, calendula, papaya, and mandarin, it’s both moisturising and repairing, with a beautiful citrus fragrance.

The gold colour and fast absorbing and light texture make this balm a real winner. My confidence in my belly is somewhat restored and I love having this multipurpose balm to hand ready for any of our skin woes!

Silvan Skincare Mama’s Balm

Buy Now – £18.50 at Silvan Skincare

Alteya Calming Aromatic Mist

This fragrant spray has a multitude of uses and is suitable for the whole family. I use it before Lydia’s nappy changes to scent the air, and it’s also great to help kids wind down before bed.

Alteya Calming Aromatic Mist

Alteya Calming Aromatic mist can also be used to hydrate the skin before applying waterless balms. I also use it on my toddler’s hair to help detangle it.

The hydrating rose water and calendula blend is also gently moisturising thanks to its glycerin and sweet almond oil content. This is such a lovely multitasking product and your baby and kids will love it.

Alteya Calming Aromatic Mist

Buy Now – £8.70 at Amazon

Good Bubble Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser

A great value for money fragrance free moisturiser that will keep your whole family’s skin soft and well cared for.

Good Bubble Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser

Good Bubble Baby Moisturiser contains nourishing shea butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil and is Allergy UK and paediatrician approved. It’s a really great choice for sensitive little ones.

Good Bubble Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser

Buy Now at Good Bubble

Final thoughts on LoveLula family skincare for winter

We’re enjoying this family skincare so much, and if you’re looking for skincare for your family do consider these, or let me know if I can make a recommendation for you.

Lydia and Cara

Have you tried any of these brands? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

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