Labour massage oil formula

Labour massage oil going in to my hospital bag

Welcome back, my expectant friend! Today’s share is a simple labour massage oil formula. This labour massage oil is the perfect companion to massage during labour to ease pain and discomfort and assist labour. If you already have carrier and essential oils in your collection, and the birth of your baby is imminent (like me! […]

Pretty Special Beauty perfume oils review

Pretty Special Beauty perfume oils

Welcome back, beauty lover! Today it’s time to share a gorgeous brand that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for some time but not yet shared on my blog. Pretty Special Beauty creates the most fragrant and well-considered aromatherapy based skincare products. I’m really excited to share with you today my Pretty Special Beauty perfume […]

Raven Botanicals for magical me-time

Raven Botanicals

Welcome back, my lover of all things beauty! Today’s share is long overdue. I’m so delighted to talk about the sublime Raven Botanicals! Based in Scotland, and making the most of local Scottish ingredients, Raven Botanicals bring us luxurious natural skincare products formulated with a nod to the wisdom of ages. Think handmade, plant based, […]

The Rose Tree giveaway haul

The Rose Tree giveaway haul

Welcome, dear skincare lover! A few weeks back I fell lucky to win a giveaway with the amazing, the sublime, The Rose Tree! And today, I’m sharing The Rose Tree giveaway haul products I chose. I’ll keep this post short, since I’ve already written about The Rose Tree in a lot of detail – their […]

Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Oil review

Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Oil

Welcome back, dear friend. I have a small but mighty share for you this week – it’s the delectable Tam Mason Nourishing Hand Oil! In this post we’re going to talk about why your hands need a hand oil, plus find out all about this fragrant and caring oil. Tam Mason takes hand care to […]

Natalia pregnancy skincare essentials review

Natalia pregnancy skincare

Welcome back, skincare lover! Today’s post is all about a pregnancy skincare discovery I’m super excited to share – it’s Natalia pregnancy skincare! Now, at the beginning of September, I’m almost eight months pregnant – woohoo! And, as all mamas can attest, the third trimester of pregnancy is a seriously tiring time. Yet, it’s also […]

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics: an introduction

Black Palm Natural Cosmetics

Welcome back, my clean beauty friend! Today I’m introducing a young and funky indie skincare brand I know you’ll love – it’s Black Palm Natural Cosmetics! I was so pleased to be introduced to the vegan brand by its founder, Clare. She founded the brand with the belief that our daily self care routine shouldn’t […]