Welcome back, skincare lover! Today’s post is all about a pregnancy skincare discovery I’m super excited to share – it’s Natalia pregnancy skincare!

Now, at the beginning of September, I’m almost eight months pregnant – woohoo! And, as all mamas can attest, the third trimester of pregnancy is a seriously tiring time. Yet, it’s also extremely exciting!

Everything feels a bit more real – and with labour looming and pregnancy niggles amplified, it’s nice to find products that can help ease those pregnancy discomforts and prepare me for labour.

I first came across Natalia when I was pregnant with Cara in 2018. I bought their lovely labour massage oil intending to use it at hospital.

Helping you connect positively with your changing body through positive touch, whilst caring for and nourishing your skin, and at the same time supporting you physically and emotionally with uplifting aromatherapy.

Unfortunately, everything went so quickly with Cara I didn’t have time for massage oil or even getting to hospital before her birth! But I did love using their gorgeous Labour Massage Oil afterwards.

Remembering how comforting it was, I decided to invest in a small skincare package for myself, containing the Labour Massage Oil (we’ll give it another go, baby number 3!), Perineal Massage Oil, Prenatal Leg Refresher (this stuff is amazing!), and Moisturising Hand Sanitiser.

Would you like to learn more about these products? Let’s take a look.

Natalia pregnancy skincare

Labour Massage Oil

As I wrote in my labour essentials back in 2018, in HypnoBirthing, massage is hugely helpful because it expresses love and support during labour. The power of touch also increases oxytocin levels, boosting contractions and aiding labour.

Natalia Prenatal Massage Oil - Natalia pregnancy skincare kit

Natalia Labour Massage Oil a light, easily absorbed massage oil for labour. It contains contains English clary sage, Indian jasmine, and Italian bergamot essential oils in a base of nourishing sunflower oil.

According to Natalia, using clary sage during labour can help ease pain and discomfort as well as assisting in the smooth transition of labour.

I absolutely love the smell of this gorgeous oil. It’s so light and easy to use and smells comforting, refreshing, and invigorating all at once! The frosted glass bottle is super cute and eco-friendly, and I can’t wait to try it again in labour!

PS if you’re looking for a labour massage oil DIY why not try my recipe?

Overall verdict: an easily absorbed and fragrant oil with jasmine and clary sage to assist labour.

Natalia Labour Massage Oil

Buy Now – £10.75 at VitalTouch

Perineal Massage Oil

Starting from 6 weeks before the baby’s due date, perineal massage can help to soften and relax the perineal area to prepare it for birthing. For mums having their first baby, I think this is especially important.

Natalia Perineal Massage Oil

However, this is my third pregnancy so maybe there’s a case of diminishing returns. But I do find applying pressure in this way prepares me for the pressure of crowning.

Natalia formulates their Perineal Massage Oil with organic plant oils known for their softening and elasticity boosting properties.

Gorgeous organic apricot kernel seed oil is readily absorbed by the skin and well known as a skin softener. There’s also luscious avocado oil for skin cell renewal, and jojoba oil to increase elasticity.

What I really love about this perineal massage oil is that it doesn’t contain any added essential oils. It’s just lovely nourishing and softening oils with nothing added. There’s a delicate fragrance of apricot oil which is very comforting.

I’ve found perineal massage really comfortable with this oil. I would say the wide opening glass bottle isn’t the easiest to handle when attempting the massage. Sometimes I dispense too much. But I love that there are no plastic parts on the bottle, like a dropper.

Overall verdict: a fragrance free perineal massage oil to soften and prepare the perineal area before labour.

Natalia Perineal Massage Oil

Buy Now – £16.50 at VitalTouch

Prenatal Leg Refresher

What can I say? This refreshing leg gel is a lifesaver during the summer months. Intended for use on swollen and aching legs, ankles, and feet – it’s refreshing, cooling and soothing – and absolutely gorgeous!

Natalia Prenatal Leg Refresher

The gel formula contains organic cypress, lemon, and geranium in a base of organic whole leaf aloe vera. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The only downside is that the bottle isn’t very large – I’d love a bottle twice the size, please!

Overall verdict: a soothing and refreshing leg and foot gel to cool, reduce swelling, and bring comfort and relief. The texture and fragrance are such a joy to aching and tired legs!

Natalia Prenatal Leg Refresher

Buy Now – £10 at VitalTouch

Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

I have to admit, I haven’t used this hand sanitiser yet as I want to save it only for use in the hospital. The size is perfect for my hospital bag, and I’m hoping it’ll help me to feel comforted and relaxed whenever I need to use it.

Natalia Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

The cleansing and moisturising gel contains a purifying blend of lemongrass, green eucalyptus, geranium, lemon, patchouli, lavender, and peppermint essential oils.

I can’t wait to try it and update you in my empties!

Natalia Moisturising Hand Sanitiser

Buy Now – £3.95 at VitalTouch

Final thoughts on Natalia pregnancy skincare

I’m in love with Natalia pregnancy skincare! These beautiful and well formulated products have helped me immensely during pregnancy and I know they’ll support me in labour, too!

Discover the entire range at vitaltouch.com.

Do you have any pregnancy or labour essentials to share? Let me know in the comments. And remember to follow me and subscribe to my blog to hear about new content.

Until next time!



  1. I’ll have to share this with my cousin since she’s pregnant too! I bet it will totally help her

  2. Amber Myers Reply

    This looks and sounds like a great line of skincare. I bet it all smells amazing.

  3. I wish I would’ve known about these products with my first 3 pregnancies but I can’t wait to try them with this pregnancy

  4. I wish I had that leg refresher when I was pregnant with my first. I always needed to prop my legs up and this would’ve been helpful.

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