Eco Cosmetics Moisturising Shampoo with Olive and Mallow

I’ve just finished a bottle of Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo and have been excited to try a new shampoo. I bought Eco Cosmetics Moisturising Shampoo and goodness me, it is fab!

Husband likes it too as the fragrance is quite fresh and zingy. He did moan that the clear gel makes it hard to see how much is dispensed in the hand. First world problems, eh? It doesn’t help that it’s winter and the lighting in the bathroom is dim!

Not much of this shampoo is needed to create a really good lather. It cleans squeaky clean.

My hair is incredibly soft after using this shampoo. However I think it is best suited to dry hair as my roots were a little greasier than usual the next day.

Really loving the Eco Cosmetics brand. Their toiletries are great value for money, effective, and what’s also great is the small number items on each product’s ingredients list.

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