Thicker, fuller hair naturally, with Mill Creek Botanicals

Mill Creek Botanicals

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I was really pleased to be introduced to Mill Creek Botanicals by online health and beauty store Omninatural. Founded in California in 1975, Mill Creek Botanicals offer natural beauty products with potent ingredients and outstanding results.

Our customers know that they will never find parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances or any other questionable ingredients when they use Mill Creek. Over 40 years and millions of happy customers we are still defining natural beauty care with style

The brand stock some really interesting shampoos and conditioners. Amongst them is their Biotene H-24 range, promising thicker and fuller hair naturally. What really caught my attention about this line is the ingredients, which include biotin and peptides to promote hair growth.

I’m excited about this range because thicker, fuller hair are definite hair goals for me. My hair is naturally fine, but it’s also thinned quite a bit since my twenties.

I know that thinning hair is quite normal and natural. Several things could be going on – ageing, stress, hormones, dietary deficiencies, and genetics all play a part in thinning hair. And a hair follicle goes through distinct phases of active growth, stopping growing, falling out, then re-growing, so some hair loss is normal and just part of the hair lifecycle.

And obviously a healthy diet and lifestyle are the most important factors in ensuring the normal pattern of healthy hair loss and steady regrowth.

But, I hear you ask…

What can biotin and peptides do for my hair?

I’m glad you asked! Since my review began with a mild notion of what biotin could do for my hair. It interests me to cut to the science, so I researched all the “active” ingredients in the products as soon as I started to use them.

It’s worth noting that biotin won’t help your hair unless you’re biotin deficient. Otherwise a decent application of biotin will keep your levels up and prevent hair loss caused by biotin deficiency.

Peptides are used in hair treatments to condition the scalp, and prevent hair loss.

Keratin protein is useful because it plumps up each strand of hair, strengthening it so it’s less prone to breakage – while increasing shine.

So let’s take a look at Mill Creek Botanicals Biotene-24 Shampoo and Conditioner now.

Mill Creek Botanicals

The range claims to help with thinning, dry, fragile, damaged hair, dry scalp and split ends.

It’s good to know that the haircare products are sulphate, paraben, gluten, and cruelty free, plus they’re pH balanced.

Biotene H-24 Shampoo

Described as a rich shampoo with biotin and peptides, Biotene H-24 contains keratin protein and other nutrients to nourish hair and scalp. It hopes to encourage thicker hair with increased body, strength, and shine.

Biotene H-24 Shampoo

Other key ingredients include panthenol (provitamin B5), retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), coltsfoot, yarrow, rosemary, sage, nettle, birch leaf, horsetail, and vitamin C.

First, I noticed the warm colour of the shampoo. Then, I noticed it’s way more fragrant than shampoos I’ve used recently. At first, I thought the fragrance was synthetic since it has real staying power. In fact, it’s all natural! And very nice too. Warm and peachy and clean.

This shampoo is a thick gel that comes in a flip-cap plastic bottle. Because it’s sulphate free, it doesn’t lather. At least not for me. Interestingly, it doesn’t give my hair the squeaky feeling some shampoos do. Yet, my hair seems clean afterwards.

On the second day of using it I noticed my hair was shinier than usual which was a nice boost!

After a week of using this shampoo I’m confident it’s increasing the thickness of my hair and the amount of shine it has. It doesn’t seem to be affecting the number of strands that fall out during shampooing, though.

It takes a few months of use to see a real difference using haircare products, so I’ll test this shampoo till it runs out.

Stay in touch to hear about it in an empties post soon – with my final verdict on the shampoo!

Mill Creek Botanicals Biotene H-24 Shampoo

Buy Now – £9.99 at Omninatural

Biotene H-24 Conditioner

This conditioner accompanies the shampoo and contains many of the same active ingredients.

Biotene H-24 Conditioner

It’s a rich, thick, and creamy conditioner with a similar fruity clean fragrance as the shampoo.

This conditioner is easy to apply, hydrates well, and doesn’t weigh my fine hair down. My hair is left soft and smooth.

Something to note is that I don’t ever use conditioner on my roots, so perhaps I’m missing a chance to help my scalp a little there. Conditioner just leaves my roots too greasy! To use, I just smooth the conditioner in through my mid-lengths and ends and leave it for 3 minutes while I’m in the shower.

After a week of use, I’m pleased with the results from my shampoo and conditioner. However to know the full picture I’ll work through the entire bottle, so be sure to subscribe to get updates!

Mill Creek Botanicals Biotene H-24 Conditioner

Buy Now – £9.99 at Omninatural

Final thoughts on Mill Creek Botanicals

Such an interesting brand! I love the results I’ve had so far and I can’t wait to see how I get on with this shampoo and conditioner longer term.

And since they’re such a lovely brand, I’m interested to try more Mill Creek Botanicals products soon!

View the Mill Creek range of skin and haircare at

Have you tried Mill Creek Botanicals? I’d love to hear from you!

Can you get thicker, fuller hair naturally? Come and find out in this review of Mill Creek Botanicals Biotene-24 range including shampoo and conditioner. #naturalhaircare #naturalhaircareproducts

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  1. Marlynn @UrbanBlissLife says: Reply

    I love the packaging of this brand. I’ve never heard of it before and will definitely check it out!

    1. Glad you like the packaging, I think they’ve since rebranded it and it’s still lovely!

  2. It’s always nice when you get lovely shiny hair from a new shampoo. I hope this one continues to produce great results for you!

    1. Thanks so much! I love that shiny hair feeling too!

  3. I have had a ton of hair loss post-kids so I need to try out this brand!

    1. Yes! Can’t really be completely prevented due to hormones but anything to help a little!

  4. Great info! My hair is so thin, I could definitely use this product.

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