It’s been like Christmas for me this month with 2 gorgeous beauty boxes to review. The LoveLula March 2019 Beauty Box is a real treasure trove of skincare and makeup from both well-known and new brands.

The March beauty box contains 4 full-size natural beauty products and 3 sample sachets. It’s worth a whopping £70, but costs just £14.95 as a monthly subscriber.

When I got the box in my hands this month, I was startled at how light it was compared with previous months. It took a few moments for me to realise that this box must contain MAKEUP! How exciting!

So let’s have a look at this month’s fabulous box!

Advert: I received this LoveLula Beauty Box to review by LoveLula. My views are honest and my own.

Mádara Deep Moisture Gel

I’m a big fan of Mádara natural skincare, especially their cleansers, so I was really excited to find this light gel moisturiser in the box. It’s intended for oily and combination skin, but I think it’d be suited to any skin type in the right conditions, for instance in summer or while exercising.

First in the LoveLula March 2019 Beauty Box - it's Mádara Deep Moisture Gel.

The formula contains hyaluronic acid and 5 northern plant essences for a clear, hydrated, and shine-free complexion. It boasts some impressive figures – 95% of testers had smoother healthier looking skin after 4 weeks.

Even though this is a day cream, right now I need something richer. So I’m using it in my PM routine, since I like to be oil-free at night. My first impressions of the gel are good! It moisturises well and my skin is happy with it. I’m looking forward to trying it over a longer period to see how it fares – watch out for it in my empties!

Mádara Deep Moisture Gel

Buy Now – £26.95 at Mádara

Inika Organic Liquid Eyeliner

This was the box item that had me most excited! Inika is a brand I see mentioned so often on the LoveLula Facebook group. This certified organic eyeliner is made with all natural and vegan ingredients. Although I mostly wear pencil eyeliner, I absolutely love the look of proper liquid eyeliner.

Inika Organic Liquid Eyeliner

Inika describe it as intense, long lasting, and smudge proof. It features an ergonomic handle for easy application – great for unpractised clumsy in-a-hurry mamas like myself. And what lovely ingredients, including aloe vera, black tea leaf extract, and mineral pigments.

Firstly, I love the packaging. With its matte black curvy tube, it’s very sleek and sophisticated. The felt pen makes me confident I’ll get good results. Although I’m unpractised, my efforts are okay. The eyeliner applies smoothly and dries quickly even though the formula is alcohol free. I’ve found it stays true most of the day, doesn’t flake, and even withstands me accidentally rubbing my eyes.

Inika Organic Liquid Eyeliner

Buy Now – £25 at Inika Organic

Sarya Couture Makeup Eyeshadow

It’s so good to see some seriously stylish and high performance makeup brands that are also natural and cruelty free. Sarya Couture Makeup is an Italian brand offering beautiful long-lasting finish makeup products. This organic eyeshadow promises easy application and a silky smooth formula. Apricot oil, avocado oil, and shea butter make for a moisturising eyeshadow.

Sarya Couture Makeup Eyeshadow

I really love the design of this packaging! Its bright red and gold is so seductive, and the elegant clamshell feels great in my hand. I received the shade mocha, which is a gorgeous suits-all shade – perfect for a smoky eye look. The powder is very fine, and extremely well pigmented. I’m really pleased with this eyeshadow and will be looking into more from the brand.

Sarya Couture Makeup Eyeshadow

Buy Now – €20 at Sarya Couture

Hurraw Lip Balm

Last month we had Crazy Rumors Lip Balm, and this month Hurraw Lip Balm, but in my opinion it’s still very much lip balm season! This is my first time using Hurraw Lip Balm. The balms are all natural, vegan, and made using organic and fair trade ingredients. Plus, there are so many flavours to choose from on LoveLula! I received lime flavour which is so zingy and fresh.

Hurraw Lip Balm

Hurraw Lip Balm was founded as a personal mission to create the finest lip balm on the market. It even promises to withstand living in a back jeans pocket all day without melting, although this I’m yet to try!

The feel of this lip balm is just great – not grainy, doesn’t drag, and silky soft. I really love that it’s unsweetened, too. Next up, earl grey flavour!

Hurraw Lip Balms

Browse at Mypure

Zuii Organic samples

This beautiful Australian brand was new to me before discovering them in my beauty box. They offer a range of invigorating, moisture-rich, and vegan self-tanning and skin care. All their products are Cosmos certified organic and not tested on animals. Here, I have the Flora Luminising Creme, Flora Gradual Tan Body Lotion, and Flora Gradual Tan Face Lotion.

Zuii Organic samples

As yet, I’ve only tried the Flora Luminising Creme. This product took me by surprise since it’s actually a bronzer cream/tinted moisturiser. It certainly brought a glow to my face, but I feel it’s a bit too dark for my fair winter skin.

It’s been a very long time since I used a self-tanning product, and I’m yet to use the self-tanning samples. I’m saving them for summer months and will feature them in my empties.

If you love self-tan but are looking for a natural alternative, Zuii Organic is definitely a brand to consider.

Zuii Organic

View Range at Green Beauty Shop

Final thoughts on LoveLula March 2019 Beauty Box

I hope you enjoyed my review of the LoveLula March 2019 Beauty Box? This month saw a lovely mix of skincare and makeup and nods cheekily towards warmer months. I absolutely love the makeup items featured in the box, and I liked the introduction to Zuii Organic self-tanning before the beginning of summer.

As always, the LoveLula Beauty Box represents such good value for money. Remember, subscribers to the LoveLula Beauty Box can take 25% off the brands featured.

What do you think to the March LoveLula box? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Until next time!


Learn my thoughts on the LoveLula March 2019 Beauty Box, a lovely mix of makeup and skincare with some great pre-summer brand intros! Read my full review of this natural subscription box. #naturalbeautybox #subscriptionbox


  1. I love the idea of organic… but I need my eyeliner and mascara to be waterproof. Is this? I sweat under my eyes (weird right) and tend toward athletic mascara

    • It’s not advertised as waterproof. I haven’t tried it in hot weather yet so can’t vouch for it. It’s so cold where I live! 🙂

  2. The Inika Organic Liquid Eyeliner sounds like a great item tha tI would have been excited to receive. I don’t wear makeup every day but when I do it up I love a good liquid liner. However, I feel that so many are packed with chemicals and my eyes just can’t take them anymore. Will keep this alternative in mind!

    • Oooh yes! I love eyeliner too. I wish I was better at applying it though ha! This is a good one – no nasties!

  3. Love your blog because I discover new products every day. I’ve just back for Cosmoprof and I have so many vergan, green, organic brands & prodcuts to talk about. Would love to try the Madara Gel because it looks perfect for the hot season x

    • Oh thanks so much dear! I went to read your post on this and it looks amazing! I’d love to go to an event like that. The Madara gel is great…I’ve put it away for summer 🙂 xx

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